Woman Charged in Gaston Triple Homicide

Police: Triple Murder Victims Nude, Shot to Death in Bedroom

Gaston County, NC — Gaston County Police suspect a sex scandal was the motive behind an triple murder Monday.

Investigators say Crystal Gambino admitted to killing her husband, Giovanni “Gio” Gambino and two others after she says she found the three nude in the family home.

Crystal faced the judge Tuesday afternoon. She shook her head to say no when the judge asked her if she had anything to say.

Prosecutors say she did tell police and a family member that she shot the three. Police say they went to the home on Alexis-Lucia Rd. in Alexis, NC and found Gio, Geoffery Gilliland and Stephanie Sanchez unclothed and shot to death.

Capt. Curtis Rosselle says Gio Gilliland and Sanchez were staying at a Charlotte hotel, and the man met them online. However, police have not officially confirmed yet if Gio knew the couple prior to Monday.

Gio’s cousin, Vito Gambino, says he never knew Gio to be involved in this behavior. Still, he says no sex scandal justifies murder.

He says the couple had two kids. Crystal was a local musician. Gio was a former Marine who raised funds for politicians like Louisiana Former Senator Elbert Guillory.

“We will all miss him very much,” said Guillory. “We tried to track down the kids. Apparently, one is in college and mom placed the other one with someone before she went to do this deed.”

Police are still confirming details surrounding the exact moves Crystal made before the murders.

Detectives gathered evidence from the home Tuesday. Prosecutors said in court that they located the possible murder weapon, a gun, in Crystal’s car.

A Grand Jury will decide if there is enough evidence to indict Crystal. She has a probable cause hearing scheduled for the end of March.