Pageland Police Walk Off, Chief Reinstated

PAGELAND, S.C. – “We are in support of the Chief until they give us a reason why,” said Pageland Concerned Citizens Spokesman, Rev. Harold Burnell.

Reverend Harold Burnell says the town is in shock from the backlash caused by town council reinstating Police Chief Larry Brown from administrative leave.

“After that meeting a large percentage of Pageland police department walked off the job, dispatchers, patrolmen, supervisors,” said Chesterfield County Sheriff,  Jay Brooks.

Of the departments 11 patrolman, only two showed up for work. Now Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks says they will provide deputies to the town as long as needed.

“Of course we have limited resources ourselves but I want to ensure citizens of town of Pageland they will have more than adequate police protection,” said Sheriff Brooks.

Chief Brown was put on on paid leave January of last year, pending a sled investigation, town council voted to bring him back on the job next Monday.


“Maybe last night the officers worked off some emotion maybe and as time goes around couple days go by they might reconsider,” said Sheriff Brooks.

“We were fighting to find out what the allegations were, if he was guilty of something the public had right to know what that was,” said Rev. Burnell.

We did speak with SLED over the phone they would not confirm what the subject was of the allegations against Chief Brown, they did confirm there is still officially an open investigation.