Bill Clinton Rallies Support For Hillary in Charlotte


“I’ve been familiar with this school since before many of you were born,” says President Bill Clinton.

Who was more than happy to campaign for his wife Hillary and encourage early voting at Johnson C. Smith University today.

“I think her economic plan is the best, I think her plan for bringing our society together is the best.  I think she is the best at both standing our ground and at finding common ground with the Republicans,” says Clinton.

Speaking to a crowd of more than a hundred supporters and undecided voters.

“Everybody needs to do a lot to get my vote,” says DeVondia Roseborough.

Clinton using his charm and record as former Commander In Chief.

“The reason you need to be for her is she is the single best change maker I ever saw.  Anybody can talk about it, we need somebody that can do it,” says Clinton.

Attacking her opponents stances on immigration.

“We need these people, when the other guys talking about sending the immigrants home, its a twofer.  It is unethical and it would crash the American economy,” says Clinton.

And actions during recent debates.

“That’s why our friend’s in the Republican party look like they are having a 6th grade food fight in these debates!”

Catering his speech to the crowd of students who worry about tuition cost and their future.

“The young people cannot wait for relief from the burden of college debt, they can’t wait to finish healthcare reform.  They can’t wait for small business loans to be available for everybody.  We got to get the show on the road,” says Clinton.

Hillary Clinton will return to North Carolina on March 10th, but they have not yet announced the location.