Development Proposed For West Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I think it’s great for the community I think it will bring more jobs,” said Dixie Grill employee, Angie Bass.

There’s not much surrounding Dixie Grill on Dixie River Road right now, but that’s going to change. Charlotte developers Crescent Communities and Lincoln Harris are behind the plan to transform 1300 acres between the airport and the Catawba river. It includes restaurants, shops, office space and 4,000 apartments and homes.

“I think more kids to play with more neighborhoods yeah for our kids cause they’re secluded kinda out here,” said Bass.

Not everyone living in the area is thrilled.


“It’s just nice to be out in the nature away from town if I wanted to live in a busy area I would have found a busy area to live in,” said West Charlotte resident, Brenda Mathy.

The plan preserves about 500 of the 1300 acres for green space, parks and a public waterfront.

The developers have several projects completed in Charlotte like Piedmont Row off Fairview road which incorporates the multi use walking community plan. They also have several projects underway like the Whole Foods and hotel on Stonewall across from the Nascar Hall of Fame. Locals say with well established developers they hope it won’t take away from the neighborhood feel and add too much congestion.

“I moved out here and the no traffic was great so I’m hoping it’s not going to be real bad, They say they’re widening the roads and stuff so hopefully it will be ok,” said Bass.

City Council will likely hold a hearing on the proposal this Fall. The developers will also have to hold pubic meetings for community members. The developers say this project could take 10 to 20 years to complete.