Happy Homecoming for Badly Burned Toddler

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It was a beautiful scene outside a north Charlotte house Thursday, as now 20-month-old Emily Hinton arrived home after a six month stay at the burn unit in Winston-Salem. Her seven-year-old brother Elijah said, “I’m feeling so happy that she’s coming home!”

Charlotte Fire trucks escorted the toddler all the way. And the fire fighters who saved the little girl’s life that day, and then helped with her recovery, were on hand, too. Jason Dickson of Ladder 31 says, “As a parent, and as a firefighter, it makes me feel really warm. Happy for the family. Happy to be a Charlotte Firefighter.”

This past September, Emily was playing in the backyard with her grandmother. The family was burning trash in a fire pit when a nearby gas can exploded. Belinda Carr says, “I remember grabbing her up.” Carr was also burned in the fire, but not nearly as badly as her granddaughter.

She says the little girl’s remarkable recovery is a credit to faith, talented doctors and Emily’s own fighting spirit. Carr says, “She’s the strongest little girl I know. She’s hard headed and funny and just strong willed. She’s amazing!”

Emily has undergone seven operations. She’s got more ahead of her, as well as physical therapy and speech therapy. If you’d like to make a donation to Emily’s medical care, go to: https://www.gofundme.com/4v4a853t