Clover Man Dies In Mobile Home Fire

“I just moved the blinds and all I could see was a glow, over the trees and everything,” said neighbor, Diane Massey.

Diane Massey lives next door to 48-year old James Edwards. She woke up around 4:30 Monday morning to see his trailer on fire. Her daughter who lives on the other side of Edwards property called 9-1-1, both were scared the fire might spread.

“I was in fear cause I know he had many guns because he’s shot animals if they go on his property around here,” said Massey.

Clover fire officials say when they responded to the fire, Edwards was already dead inside. Nobody else was inside the home. Massey says she’s surprised everything around the trailer, including his boat didn’t burn as well.

“It was massive when we first saw it, you could hear, I thought it was just cracking of the wood but you could hear the pop pop pop so we knew it was ammunition at that point,” said Massey.

Massey says they didn’t get along that well as neighbors, that Edwards wouldn’t let anyone on his property, but she says it’s still shocking and sad that he died.

“It’s a neighbor, it’s a person, regardless,” said Massey.

Neighbors say the homeowner James had two pit bulls who were found on the other side of the trailer outside, we know he also had a live in girlfriend, none of whom, the dogs nor the girlfriend were injured in the fire.