State Lawmakers Respond to House Bill 2 Backlash

CHARLOTTE, NC– State Senator Jeff Jackson says other State leaders have no idea how bad House Bill 2 is hurting Charlotte.

“The loss of Paypal was as painful as it was predictable,” says Senator Jeff Jackson (D).

Jackson says Charlotte is taking a hit because of the State legislature’s actions.

“This business disaster is happening here in Charlotte to the people I represent, despite the fact Charlotte stood up on this issue and tried to do the right thing,” says Jackson.

Republican lawmakers disagree.  House Speaker Tim Moore (R) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R) released a joint statement blaming Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.


‪”When Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts teamed up with a convicted child sexual predator to pass a radical bathroom policy allowing men to use girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms, the Governor warned her the legislature would take immediate action to protect North Carolina families.

If Jennifer Roberts, Roy Cooper and the far-left Political Correctness Mob she’s unleashed really care about the economic future of her city, they’ll stop the misinformation campaign immediately and start telling the truth about this commonsense bathroom safety law before more damage is done to the city she was elected to lead and the state Cooper was elected to protect.”

“Leadership Republicans are going to try to shift the blame, this is a business disaster for them,” says Jackson.

Jackson says it’s not just about bathroom rights, and that now the entire country is seeing Charlotte in a negative light. He just hopes its not too late to change the perception.

Senator Jackson says, “Economic damage being done to the City of Charlotte and North Carolina is no longer hypothetical. It is real we are going to have to stop this.”

State Lawmakers will go into session April 25th and the Democrats plan to submit a bill to repeal House Bill 2.

If that doesn’t work they say they will continue to fight to put an end to the measure.