Piper Glen residents angry over cell towers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Not in my neighborhood, that was the message of some south Charlotte homeowners at a meeting at Piperglen clubhouse Thursday night. They want the city to keep cell phone towers out of their streets.

We weren’t actually able to bring our camera inside the meeting,  clubhouse Management made the rule, which had many of the residents here very upset after they wanted their voices heard, even though Crown Castle wasn’t here, CDOT officials were.

“A radioactive cell tower does not belong in anyone’s front yard,” said Concerned homeowner, Danay Houser.

Concerned Piper Glen homeowners packed the clubhouse to hear what City representatives had to say about four cell phone tower poles going up by their homes.

“You have these companies that have come in using the utilities rights of way and while its legal it’s wrong,” said Houser.

Private company Crown Castle applied for a permit from the city, which was originally rejected, neighbors had the chance to propose alternate sites for the 28 foot poles but Crown Castle hasn’t responded to them.

Councilman Ed Driggs lives in Piper Glen and knows they can’t stop the poles but is hoping to have residents input heard in order for the permit to be approved.

“If they push hard enough federal law says they have a right to place the poles, the local government has the right to influence the placement of the placement of the poles so as to minimize impact on area residents,”said Driggs.

Not every single resident at the meeting opposes the poles.

“The towers are desperately important to a community because they provide direct lines to 911, direct lines to emergencies,” said resident , Donald Orenstein.

But one thing all agree on is hiding the poles so they aren’t an eyesore in the neighborhood.

“Notice the tree here why couldn’t this tree be integrated to the pole solves the problem,” Said Orenstein.

Crown Castle has said they plan to organize a meeting with neighbors to hear their concerns, city officials tell me while they cannot delay the permit for no reason Crown Castle does need to respond to the neighbors proposal offering alternate options for the polls before they could get their permit approved.