VA opens new care center in Charlotte

“I’m kinda anxious to meet my new doctor,” said veteran Mike Atherton.

Veteran Mike Atherton used to have to drive an hour each way from his mt holly home to Salisbury to get medical care. He says a new center on Tyvola Road in Southwest Charlotte is going to change his life.

“I’m on oxygen so if you’re lowing running low depleted on oxygen it makes it so much worse,” said Atherton.

Medical Center directors say this new state of the art facility, the largest now in the country will provide vets much needed local care.


“We’ll have dental, at present that’s only in Salisbury so now in Charlotte, we’ll have dialysis, we’ll have physical medicine and rehab,” said VA Medial Center Director, Kaye Green.

Saving vets from the drive and difficulty getting appointments in Salisbury.

“They’re very busy I have to go there for 9pm appointment for an MRI,” said veteran Wayne Godwin.

Officials say new staffing will alleviate wait times dramatically.


“They got a brand new primary care physician that started this week and he’s already got 300 patients on his panel,” said  Sloan Gibson, Deputy Secretary of U.S Dept Veteran Affairs.

The center has 18 doctors already and room for 33 total.

One thing the new facility doesn’t have it an ER, but veteran say they aren’t worried with the new VA Choice Plan.

“If you have to go more than 40 miles for emergency room you can go to the nearest one,” said Godwin.

And the VA picks up the entire bill. Now they’re just looking forward to appointments here, and medical care getting easier.

“Hope so,counting on it,” said Godwin.


Va officials say of the 92,000 vets that had to go to Salisbury last year, some 35,000 can now go to the Charlotte facility.