DA Talks Crime Increase, Funding Needs

CHARLOTTE, NC– District Attorney Andrew Murray says since 2014 crime has climbed in Charlotte, so he’s all for Chief Putney getting money for some 125 new officers.

“Yes the stats show that anytime they’ve got more officers and they can target them on the streets that the crime rate goes down,” said Murray.

But Murray says the DA’s office can only handle more cases from CMPD if they also have more resources.


“Cases have become much more complex and I have not seen new resources in this DA office new Assistant DA”s since I took office back in 2011 and really it was several years before then,” said Murray.

City Councilwoman Julie Eiselt agrees saying it’s ridiculous we are 48th in the country in courtroom funding.


“We can’t even hire assistant district attorney’s cause they go right to the private sector,” said Eiselt.

Murray says he also think more funding for youth crime prevention is crucial.


“Usually if somebody commits a violent crime it takes awhile for them to graduate to that, but we’re seeing a lot more gun crime at an early age, 17, 18, 19 age,” said Murray.

Another potential cause of the crime increase. Murray says back in 2011 legislation changed the habitual offender status. That put a small percentage of repeat offenders back on the street committing a lot of the crimes.


“Someone that I could hold accountable for being a repeat offender could no longer go to jail for 8 years and could only go to jail for 4 years or 4 1/2 years,” said Murray.

One thing DA Murray said he IS proud of is how they’ve improved getting murders tried, in 2011 they had 147 awaiting trial down to 79 at the end of 2015.