West Charlotte Band Director In Court

CHARLOTTE, NC– Fifty-eight year old Duncan Gray walked out of the Mecklenburg County courthouse Tuesday with nothing to say. According to the police report, Gray, who is a Band Director at West Charlotte High School — sexually assaulted a male student and band member from 2010 to 2014. The victim just came forward earlier this month two years after the alleged abuse. Janet Harmon with Pat’s Place Child Advocacy Center says that’s not unusual in cases like this.

“Either because there’s distance from the individual they’ve separated in that relationship they’ve matured maybe they have realized what happened wasn’t normal or wasn’t their fault,” said Janet Harmon with Pat’s Place, Child Advocacy Center.

CMPD is reaching out to the public for help finding out if there are more potential victims.


“This is an opportunity to talk with children, whether they be students at West Charlotte or anywhere and to talk about the types of boundaries that might be violated or the types of touching that are inappropriate,” said Harmon.

Harmon says the old term stranger danger isn’t the biggest threat.

“Most children who are victimized are victimized by somebody they and often their family knows and trusts over 90%, ” said Harmon.

After nearly ten years as a Band Director, Gray had no words for those trusting parents.


Gray is on paid leave from CMS, he has also been suspended of his duties at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church where he was arrested on Sunday.