Anti-Human Trafficking Flash Mob In Uptown

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It’s something that is very much behind the scenes,” said Lisa Koons with End Slavery in Charlotte.

Anti-human trafficking advocates brought it out in the open at the intersection of Trade and Tryon.


“So that trafficking isn’t something people aren’t aware of, don’t know what it looks like don’t know what questions to ask how to spot it don’t know who to call when they see it, don’t know how to protect their children,” said Koons.

Some even brought their children to help raise awareness.

“Being a native Charlottean I was shocked that our city had such a huge issue,” said Charlotteean, Leigh Jones.

So much that back in January CMPD announced a new human trafficking task force and began training hotel workers what to look for.

“If people are coming in there’s unusual activity going on, there’s things they can pick up on make us aware of it,” said CMPD Major Michael Adams.

The feds busted this former Red Roof Inn on Queen City Drive last September. Agents say workers turned a blind eye to drugs and prostitution. In October, police arrested a man and woman they say convinced a 15-year-old girl to prostitute herself at the Quality Inn on West Woodlawn Road. Lisa Koons says these are just a few examples of what they see every day.

“End Slavery in Charlotte part of our deal is creating safe houses around the city to help deal with the number of traffickers that are rescued,” said Koons.

So she’s optimistic the police are partnering up hoping to save more victims in the Queen City.


“It’s the agencies that are on the front lines that know about the hot spots that get calls from victims that want to come out and so I think it’s a fantastic partnership,” said Koons.