The Buzz Is Back With Hornets Playoff Wins

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I’m here cause I’m borderline obsessed with the Hornets,” said Hornets fan, Jeremy Butts.

Hornets fans are buying up team gear before Friday’s home playoff game against Miami Heat.

“The energy here has been unbelievable,” said Hornets Senior VP of Marketing, Seth Bennett.

And tickets sales are showing the Queen City’s support.


“They’re moving really fast that means that there are only a few tickets left,” said Bennett.

According to SeatGeek the average ticket for game 6 is going for about $153 which is 50 % more than before Wednesday night’s win.


“We’re definitely seeing growth in all areas of our fandom if you would say, in terms of season ticket holders, our individual game attendance our merchandise sale,” said Bennett.

This excitement is exactly what Bring Back The Buzz co-founder Scotty Kent says they envisioned five years ago when they started the movement to change from the Bobcats back to the Hornets.


“Re-branding the Hornets didn’t seem possible let alone a good basketball team and to have both happening around the same time, get the Hornets back and 2 years later we’re on brink of entering the second round of playoffs,” said Kent.

With three playoff wins and now the chance to win the series in Charlotte and move forward in the Eastern Conference playoffs, Kent says the buzz is definitely back.


“It’s pretty awesome to be able to see the entire city have Hornets fever like it used to back in the 90’s,” said Kent.