Mayor Roberts Meets With Legislators On HB2

CHARLOTTE, NC– One day after the DOJ calls HB2 a violation of federal civil rights, Mayor Jennifer Roberts met in Raleigh with House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate Leader Phil Berger.


“We had a good discussion and I look forward to further discussion and I think we all can agree that HB2 is causing great harm to our state,” said Roberts.

Harm including the threat from DOG to pull some $800 million in federal funds for North Carolina schools. Roberts declined to comment on the DOJ letter.

“I am not, I’m still, still looking at that and haven’t had the chance to take that in,” said Roberts.

HB2 co-author Representative Dan Bishop says it would be a long court battle before North Carolina schools would lose federal funding.


“It won’t go away first you get to go all way through court processes and then if lose whole way you still get additional period of time to comply with title 9,” said Bishop.

Meck Ed President Ross Danis agrees but says the threat alone can force change.

“Just raising the issue is important the fact it’s a possibility has put it in the spotlight,” said Danis.

Including a look at where the Title 9 funds are needed for schools.


“Special programs, extras, tutoring, support for students, the kinds of things even health and nutrition,” said Danis.