Musicians Donate Versus Cancel Concerts

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It has been really touching all the artists that have wanted to do something to benefit Time Out Youth,” said Time Out Youth Executive Director, Rodney Tucker.

Time Out Youth has been around for 25 years, but Executive Director, Rodney Tucker says they’re getting more exposure now than ever. Demi Lovato let the non-profit know Sunday night she’s donating a portion of the proceeds from her Billboard Awards t-shirt to them.

“Duran Duran gave us free tickets for kids, and volunteers to see the show, Father John Misty gave volunteers tickets,” said Tucker.

There’s a force behind the change from boycotting to donating, call North Carolina Needs You. Tina Haven Currin and her musician husband started the site and say they’ve secured hundreds of thousands in donations for non profits helping the LGBT community.

“Mumford and Sons and Duran Duran both were considering cancelling their shows and through meeting with us and connecting them with local non profits doing on the ground work,” said Haven Currin.

Transgender woman Erica Lachowitz says she lost Maroon 5 tickets when they cancelled and would much rather her ticket money go toward her cause.

“To donate to a cause to help us fight for equality makes much more sense than just backing out in its entirety,” said Lachowitz.

Tucker says with the donations already, they’ve been able to add a much needed part time counselor.

“It comes at a very critical time for our organization with the demand of services going up with the number of kids that come through our doors, parents wanting help, this has just been the biggest blessing from something negative that has happened in our state,” said Tucker.