Big Time Water Problems at Neighborhood

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – Can you imagine looking out onto your yard every time it rains and seeing trails of muddy water, rain pooling around play sets, a ditch, dry one day and overflowing the next, rain water saturating yards and patios.

The people who live in Pelhem Pointe in Kannapolis say water has been a problem, but it’s gotten worse since developer CalAtlantic finished the the final phase. “I can’t even have people sitting on my patio, God forbid they lean back too much, they go into the ditch,” says resident Peter Cachia. He says every time it rains, he loses more of his yard. “‘You all knew what you were getting into when when you closed on the house.’ That was their answer to us,” he says. WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked, “And what is your answer to them?” Cachia replied, “I knew that there was a ditch here. But I was also told that it would be fixed.”

Just down the street is the neighborhood playground. It last rained on Sunday. The ground nearby is still wet, and so is the mulch. Resident Laurie Crawford says, “Homeowners can’t use the back of their yards, our kids aren’t safe at the park and I think it just looks bad for CalAtlantic to be such a big company, but leaving us with unsatisfactory homes.”

And then there’s the homeowner who evidently had no idea two large cement drainage pipes would be installed right outside his front door. Neighbors argue the pipes could have continued into the wooded area behind his home and not ended right outside his front door. “It’s clear that they (CalAtlantic) were not closing out our community with the living enjoyment and re-saleability of the adjacent homeowners in mind,” says homeowner Allyson Swett.

The developer is building a new neighborhood nearby. And it’s set to turn Pelhem Pointe over to the HOA on June 15. Swett says delaying that hand off could be the only way to keep CalAtlantic on the hook. She says, “They have been very non-responsive.”

A local CalAtlantic rep told WCCB Friday he would have a corporate rep contact us. We have not yet heard back. But, after WCCB went out to the neighborhood, the division president contacted a homeowner and agreed to meet with him next week. We will keep you posted.