Waiting Child: Nacier

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This week’s Waiting Child has a big heart, a lot of energy and has a charm that will melt any room.

One of the first things you will notice about Nacier is he has an ear for music.  His foster mother Beverly Knight says he may be a drummer one day because he loves making a beat, “If it sings, if it has music, if it rattles and if it makes noise, it’s his favorite toy.  He is a child who likes to hear music.”

Nacier will dance to every song he hears too.  Music is the way to his heart and it keeps a constant smile on his face, “We’re into all the children’s songs, he really likes twinkle and twinkle little star, if you’re happy and you know it and those are the songs he likes.

The most precious moments Beverly shares with Nacier are when she sees him trying to do things for himself, “When you see him really trying to say the words that you’re putting out there he tries over and over again it just kind of melts you heart.”

She is hoping a family will see his story and want to make him part of their family, “Every child needs a forever family.  A family that says you’re special, I’m special and I belong to someone, to a family that actually chose me.”

Consider adopting Nacier and change his life forever.

If you think Nacier would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society