Family Of Daniel Harris Mourning And Searching For Answers

CHARLOTTE, NC– Family of 25 year old Daniel Harris released these pictures to us, a son, brother, and father to a 4 year old boy they say they are mourning the loss of.

Harris is hearing impaired and so is his brother Sam and other family members, we were able to communicate through writing messages on the phone.
Neighbors say that’s the only reason they can think of that might have led up to his shooting.

“Maybe that’s the reason he got shot because I heard the cop asked him to stop and he didn’t because apparently he couldn’t hear.”

North Carolina Highway Patrol says Trooper Jermaine Saunders tried to pull Harris over for speeding and followed him from 485 exit into his neighborhood Seven Oaks. That’s when officials say Harris got out of the car, there was an encounter which led to Saunders shooting Harris and killing him.

“I do know you should respond to whatever the officer asks you to do, that’s what I tell my kids.”

Family members say Harris was visiting here the past three weeks from Massachusetts where he lives. Now roses lay on the street at the site where he died.