Mallard Creek Escapes Dillon With 7-3 Win

DILLON, S.C. — The Mallard Creek Mavericks took their top 10 national ranking on the road to face South Carolina rival Dillon High School.

It felt as if there was only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood that hosted the interstate tilt between North and South Carolina powerhouses off Main Street in Dillon Friday Night and Mallard Creek was fortunate to escape with a victory.

Cars were parked anywhere they would fit as legions of fans gathered for the main event.

Memorial stadium was packed with thousands of witnesses eager to see three time defending 4AA state champion Mavericks from North Carolina battle the four time South Carolina AA defending state champion Wildcats.

The game was a defensive struggle from the very beginning, as both teams were big and physical in the trenches.

“Is this what a top ten team in the nation looks like?”

That was the question one animated Dillon supporter repeatedly, and mockingly, asked the large contingent of Mallard Creek fans who traveled from Charlotte.

Neither team could could move the ball through the air, although Dillon did have a long passing touchdown to Johnny Allen called back due to an illegal shift.

Mallard Creek took advantage of a Dillon muffed punt in the second quarter and Darnell Walker, led by his massive offensive line, powered two yards for the only touchdown of the game.

Dillon managed a second-half field goal, but the Mavericks mounted several goal line stands to preserve the 7-3 victory.

Who knows if Mallard Creek can live up to their lofty expectations over the course of the season?

However for now, yes, this is what a top 10 team in the nation looks like.