CMS Teachers Shop For Supplies

CHARLOTTE, NC– “This is so important every day we have kids who come to class that don’t have pencils, don’t have paper,” said East Mecklenburg High School teacher, Robin Rolodziey.

And it’s often the teachers who provide those supplies spending their own money.

“We know that teachers spent between $500-$1000 every year out of their own pocket,” said Lauren Johnson with Classroom Central.

That’s why Classroom Central exists. Monday teachers from around 80 Mecklenburg County Schools shopped without opening their wallets. To qualify, the schools must have at least 50% of their students getting free lunch.

“Significant amount of our own money unfortunately, this helps a whole lot cause everything we get here we don’t have to buy,” said East Mecklenburg High School teacher, Barry Woolsey.

Supplies the only shortage a week away from a new CMS school year. As bus drivers practiced their routes, 90 more drivers are needed. More than 50 schools still need teachers. CMS has 103 teacher vacancies and 59 Teacher Assistant vacancies. A position that teachers who are also parents say is sorely missed.

“Losing teacher assistants in last years has been really devastating for the elementary schools,” said Rolodziey.

Teachers say that’s a challenge they can’t fix, but these free supples will go a long way.

“It’s great this is provided by the community for the kids in our community and it’s easy,” said Rolodziey.

Classroom Central will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week for teachers leading up to the first day of school Monday, then they’re able to come once a month throughout the school year.