Sexual Assault Suspected at Matthews Apartment Complex

MATTHEWS, NC — A young girl says she was sexually assaulted in her apartment complex Tuesday morning.

Matthews police say the victim was a juvenile, but officers will not release her age.

Police searched the tennis courts in the Windsor Landing Apartments just after 6:15 in the morning, gathering clues after the girl says she was assaulted.

“It’s traumatic. It’s horrible,” said Margaret Lewis. “She has to live with it forever.”

Residents want justice for the girl.

It was before sunrise when police say someone called 911 to report the sexual assault. Officers wouldn’t confirm if it happened on the tennis court Tuesday. They wouldn’t say where the girl was when she says she was attacked or what she was doing.

Officers say they don’t want to compromise the case that’s still under investigation.

Police say the victim says she did not know the attacker. However, officers are not ruling out that the two crossed paths.

“It may be one of those things where they could have come into contact with him before and may not remember, something like that,” said Officer Tim Aycock.

It’s the 31st sexual assault in the town of Matthews in three years. It’s the eighth sexual assault so far this year.

That’s compared to a city the size of Charlotte where police have documented more than 140 cases so far this year.