911 Calls: Mother Facing Murder Charge After Putting Baby In Fridge

911 calls:

CHESTER, SC– Twenty-seven year-old Angela Blackwell stood quietly in front of a Chester County Magistrate on Tuesday. She’s charged with the murder of her four-day-old son William, something family members are having a difficult time believing.

“She ain’t the type of person to do something like that she always good to the kids,” said the baby’s grandfather, Billy Lewis.

According to an arrest warrant, investigators say Blackwell put the baby inside the fridge and closed the door on February 27th. Deputies say she left him there for three hours, then called 9-1-1.

“That’s a lie right there cause she didn’t do it we don’t know who did, we just know she didn’t don’t cause she loves her kids too much,” said Lewis.

Family says there were other people staying at the home that night including two children Blackwell’s sister was baby-sitting, one was autistic.

“I got up and they was running around the house hollering and carrying on and I was wondering what was wrong so I went in my son’s room and he was giving the baby CPR,” said Lewis.

The baby’s father Jeffrey was too emotional to talk on camera, but says Blackwell was a great mother. Pictures show the happy family the day William was born.

Blackwell is being held without bond. She’s facing 20 years to life on the charge murder by child neglect. Her next hearing is Nov 10th.