Outrage Over EpiPen Price Hike

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I’ve read every article there is about it as it’s been coming out,” said father, John Kuntz.

John Kuntz’s 9-year old son Evan has severe food allergies so EpiPens are crucial . He says the price increase is very concerning.

“Not only is it essential, but you do need two or three and you give them to the grandparents and the schools and so it’s not just one pen per family,” said Kuntz.

Pharmacist Jesse Pike with Pike’s Pharmacy says the price has been increasing since 2009.

“This has been one of the most, shall we say outrageous incidents,” said Pharmacist Jesse Pike with Pike’s Pharmacy.

In response to the national outrage over the new $600 price for a twin-pack, Mylan responded with financial aid for families who can’t pay the out of pocket price.

“All of the publicity we’ve seen against the company now is offset because that price effectively came down $300,” said Pike.

In addition to a $300 coupon Mylan increased the maximum income for a family of four to receive help.

“You make $97,200 or less in income yearly then your children qualify for free EpiPens,” said Pike.

Paramedics remind everyone to show your loved ones what it looks like and how to use it.

“The EpiPen is made to be used by regular folks its real simple unscrew the top, take it off remove the safety needle,” said Medic Spokesman, Lester Oliva.