Back to School Monday for Students in CMS & Other Area Districts

CHARLOTTE, NC – Over a thousand school buses will roll out across Charlotte-Mecklenburg Monday morning.

“We have the largest impact on traffic. No one can mess up traffic like we can,” says CMS Transportation Director Janet Thomas.

Transportation leaders say give yourself extra time.

“It is not intentional. We are not trying to slow you down. It’s just the nature of our business,” Thomas explains.

Over 147,000 students are enrolled in CMS this year. That’s about 500 more than last year.

Superintendent Ann Clark says the district is ready, though some students will start the year with a substitute.

The district is still looking to hire more than a hundred teachers.

“We are going to continue to work hard to fill all of the vacancies as quickly and efficiently as possible so we can have a highly qualified teacher in all of our classrooms,” says CMS Human Resources Director Avery Mitchell.

There will also be two new replacement school buildings this year – for Nations Ford and Statesville Road Elementary.

“In addition to all of that good work that primarily funded by bond funds, we are doing over $13 Million dollars worth of work in our schools, 186 major projects,” explains CMS Chief Operating Officer Carol Stamper.

Also new this year is Gage, a two-year-old yellow lab trained to detect drugs. He’ll visit schools throughout the district.

“To be on the prevention side. To encourage our students to come to school focused on learning and not with a distraction,” explains CMS Superintendent Ann Clark.