CMS Kids Back To School

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It’s a little hectic getting dressed and getting the kids out of the door,” said one Torrence Creek Elementary parent.

It’s the first day of school craze for parents and excitement for kids at Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools like Torrence Creek Elementary.

“I just like seeing all the friends that like like we haven’t seen in summer,” said a Torrence Creek Elementary student.

While many parents dropped off their kids, thousands of others prepared to ride the more than one thousand busses that rolled out around 5:00 Monday morning. Superintendent Ann Clark started her day at the Northpointe bus lot waving drivers out. CMS is still short drivers.

“Still looking for a few bus drivers but we have 44 lead bus drivers out on the roads today and all our busses were on the roads today so it didn’t impact our ability to run our regular routes,” said Supt. Ann Clark.

Clark also acknowledged the school year is starting with eighty teacher vacancies, but was adamant they are searching and expect to fill them quickly.

“We have the lowest number of teacher vacancies I can remember in my 15 years with the district office, we’re really pleased with that wish we could say that number is zero,” said Clark.

Clark says while this is her last year as superintendent, she will remained focused on teaching efforts specifically literacy. Back at Torrence Creek, parents left school with the kiddos dropped off, relieved to be starting the new school year.

“It’s a good day, haha, as it is for most parents, a little nerves for everybody involved but it’s going to be a good day,” said parent, Diane Holder.