Construction Worker Drowned In Catawba

HICKORY, NC– “We’re going to miss him, he was a good person, good man,” said Coworker, Jose Euceda.

Coworkers of 28 year old Filigonio Perez -Bravo gathered at the Lakeside Marina in Hickory while dive crews searched for their friend. Filigonio drowned in the river Tuesday morning around 2:00 AM. Coworkers say they were setting up fencing under the 127 bridge so they could paint it. Filigonio slipped on the scaffolding and fell into the water below.

” I went down, I jumped down into the water after him when he fell, but I couldn’t get to him,” said coworkers, Javier Palma Castro.

Coworkers say Filigonio had just started his shift, hadn’t put his life jacket on yet, but did have a harness when some fencing under the brIdge slipped they all unhooked their harness for A moment to fix the fencing, that’s when he slipped and fell without his life jacket on.

Javier and another coworker searched in the water, but say it was dark and Filigonio had on heavy gear so he sank fast. Javier says they’ve worked together for three years for Astron General Contracting out of Dallas North Carolina and they all shared an apartment in Hickory.

“Wonderful friend, like a brother, we lived in the same apartment, I ran home to change my wet clothes, saw his stuff, was so painful for me,” said Palma Castro.

Filigonio had one brother nearby,  but friends say he sent his money back to family in Guatamala.

“An accident can happen anywhere anytime you never know, any moment, ” said Euceda.