SBI Investigates Claims On Lowell Officer

LOWELL, NC– “Basically just that a Lowell police officer is being accused of getting a 14 year old pregnant,” said high schooler, Madison Hartness.

Locals in Lowell like high schooler Madison Hartness say the town is talking about claims against one of the officers sworn to protect them.

“In Lowell, we all know the officers so I don’t think it’s true personally,” said Hartness.

The SBI did not give details about the allegations, just that it is looking into whether the officer had an inappropriate relationship with a minor. The investigation request came from Gaston County Police and the District Attorney weeks ago.

We stopped by the Lowell police department several times during the day trying to see if we could get someone to talk to, each time there was no one there we were unable to get a statement or reaction to the allegations.

Parents in Lowell say the claims are alarming.

“It’s very shocking, very shocking and I think if it’s true something should be done about it,” said a mom who didn’t want to be identified.

Gaston County schools did confirm the accused officer is not a school resource officer and does not work in the schools. Hartness who attends Ashbrook High School says it’s a small police force and she couldn’t imagine any of them doing what has been alleged.

“You see them around and they’re helpful and you say hey, and you just don’t really think of them like doing anything,” said Hartness.