Lowell Police Officer Charged With Statutory Rape

GASTON CO., NC– “That’s very sad and very scary,” said neighbor Tracey Ellett

Tracey Ellett lives in Gastonia, and her neighbor is Lowell Police Officer James Blair. She says she’s appalled to hear he’s been charged with statutory rape for allegedly having sex with a 14 year old girl.

“Considering I have a ten year old and eight year old and I live right across the street it worries me, I’m very shocked,” said Ellett.

Gaston County District Attorney Locke Bell says after reviewing evidence from an SBI investigation, he ordered the warrant for arrest which took place in the front yard of the alleged victim’s house.

“The SBI was doing an interview of the mother of the young girl and Officer Blair saw the vehicles he pulled up and was taken into custody there,” said Bell

Bell didn’t expand on why Officer Blair was at the 14 year old girl’s home Thursday morning.

He also did not give details of the evidence, nor confirm what sources in Lowell have said that the girl is pregnant.

Ellett says ironically she always felt safer knowing an officer lived across the street.

“He’s got his police car normally parked here and he’s in and out and a lady- I don’t know if it’s his wife she’s always walking the dogs,”‘said ellett.

But now if he is guilty she’s glad he’s behind bars.

“That makes me feel a little better that he’s not going to be back here,”Said ellett

We reached out to Lowell Police Department once again Thursday and did not receive a call back.