Viewing For Slain Shelby Officer Brings Outpouring Of Love

SHELBY, NC– “I don’t think a father could have more gratitude to a community then I have for these folks,” said Tim’s father, Jim Brackeen.

An outpouring of love and support for Shelby officer Tim Brackeen.

His father Jim Brackeen represented the family at Thursday’s visitation at Bethel Baptist Church as the community came to pay their respects.

“Officers are family, he’s part of my family even though I didn’t know him,” said retired Shelby Officer Vale Ledvetter.

Law enforcement came from as far as Chicago.

“It’s difficult because it’s one of our family members, it’s actually a family we consider the brotherhood,” said Terry Shields of The Chicago Police Department.

A touching moment, Brackeen’s entire Shelby law enforcement family passing the casket in line, in uniform together and emotional.

“We are a family, we entered into this as a family and we will get through this as a family and so we’re just going to be there for each other,” said Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford.

Just as Jim Brackeen says his family will be and one thing they all agree on, no hatred toward the man who killed him.

“If my son was here that my son would tell him he does not hate him and there’s no hatred and I want to share that with him,” said Brackeen.