Investigators Say No Explosives Present In Package Found At CMPD


Investigators say that the package found at CMPD Tuesday evening was not a bomb. According to officials, the package had indicators of being an explosive device but no actual explosive was present.

The investigation is still ongoing.

CHARLOTTE, NC– Around 5 PM Tuesday, a worker in the CMPD mailroom identified a package she thought was suspicious she reached out to one of the K9 bomb dogs.

Police say the dog did an assessment and alerted on it, which means there was either an explosive or chemical compounds that could make explosives insides of it.

Police quickly evacuated to the headquarters and then blocked off the roads around davidson and east trade.

Many people waited for hours to get to their cars in a nearby parking lot while the Charlotte Fire Department was on the scene until bomb squad removed the package from the building.

“Dealing with something of this nature it’s a slow methodical process for the safety of the citizens but also our officers we have some officers that come in very close contact with these devices,” said CMPD Captain Mike Campagna.