McCrory and Cooper spar in Gubernatorial debate

RALEIGH, N.C. — As soon as the debate began, House Bill Two became the hot topic. Governor Pat McCrory quickly blamed Mayor Jennifer Roberts, whom he called a very liberal mayor, along with very liberal Attorney General Roy Cooper for starting the mess.

” If we’re not going to have leaders stand up for the basic rights of privacy in our nation in our state in our city ahead of money then we’re losing strong national leadership,” said Governor Pat McCrory.

Cooper responded calling HB2 an embarrassment for North Carolina that cost hundreds of millions for the state.

“Governor, what planet are you on? We have to pull the business community together we have to get this law repealed we have to quit blaming it on other people,” said Gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper.

Second hot topic was North Carolina’s economy.

“Three hundred thousand new private sector jobs, Mr Cooper if you become governor are you going to raise the income tax again, are you going to raise corporate tax again,” asked McCrory.

“We do not have to raise taxes in order to fix what is wrong with our economy the problem is the middle class is hurting,” said Cooper.

Another hot topic, education, specifically North Carolina’s low teacher pay

“We’ve got thousands of teachers leaving North Carolina for better pay and more respect we have teacher assistants being fired,” said Cooper.

“Not only did we help the teachers with pay we also have $15,000 to $16,000 a year in benefits for our teachers,” said McCrory.

Watch the full debate here