CMPD Animal Care & Control Helps Save Animals Affected By Hurricane Matthew|PHOTOS

Photos Courtesy The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care & Control Division

CHARLOTTE, NC — CMPD Animal Care & Control’s Emergency Response Team has been in Edgecomb County since Thursday afternoon where, so far, they have helped save 117 dogs and cats from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

A very short video from the #ACCMatthewNC team in Edgecombe. It's purpose is to give you an idea of how high and swift the waters are in most of the neighborhoods there.

Posted by CMPD Animal Care and Control on Monday, October 17, 2016

AC&C crews have been helping the Edgecomb County Animal Shelter search for animals in need of rescue and helping provide shelter and medical attention to those in need. Officials say 115 dogs and 2 cats have been located so far. Of those found, 81 were owned and 34 were strays.

Crews have also been providing food and fresh water to horses and companion pets that were left in areas where there were mandatory evacuations but remained safe from flooding. Hopes are that the owners of those pets will be able to return to the area within the week.

Monday field teams began searching the areas of Princeville, near the Tar River, which have been inaccessible due to high floodwaters. Officials say this area is near the levee where flooding was reported to be most severe.

AC&C crews have received help from members of the NC National Guard who have been using military vehicles to transport them through many still flooded areas.

Officials with CMPD AC&C say crews could begin returning home as early as Tuesday.