Biden to CLT: Not Just About Presidential Race

CHARLOTTE, NC — With election day one week away, Presidential candidates are pulling out all the stops as polls show razor thin divides.

It’s a long way from over!” said Sarah Sperry.

Sperry is a Charlotte voter was showed up to hear Vice President Joe Biden speak to a crowd in on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

“We are seven days out, seven days out!” said Biden.

The crowd listened to the Vice President push for more people at the polls.

“We’ve won and lost races here by as little as seven to 10 votes,” said Biden.

He called this the most important election of their lifetime.

“Everything from civil rights, to civil liberties, to the economy, foreign policy is all at stake,” said Biden.

Voters there say they are concerned democrats wont show at the polls.

“It is not done and has never been done until the fat lady sings. Do I look like I’m tuning up?” said Sperry. “Clintonites better get out of closets.”

Clinton facing FBI e-mail investigation questions again.
“I there’s no evidence of wrongdoing. We don’t know what’s in the e-mails,” said one voter, Samuel Shaver. “It does make me more active to go out there and support her because I’m worried that it might affect some people’s decision.”

Whichever Presidential candidate wins, UNC Charlotte Professor of Political Science Eric Heberlig says it could mean that party will control the Senate and the state’s Governor seat.

“With all three of those races close, they could all go the same way if one party turns out supporters at much higher rates than the other party does,” said Professor Heberlig.

Something Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross told the crowd at Biden’s rally.

“We can take back the United States Senate, going straight through North Carolina,” said Ross.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper introduced Biden to the crowd. Both Condemned

Governor Pat McCrory for House Bill Two.

“It cost 1300 jobs so far, 295 million dollars so far 10,” said Biden. “I can’t think of one thing he or

Trump has done that will help the middle class.”