Scott Fowler on Luke Kuechly’s Concussion

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte Observer Sports Columnist Scott Fowler weighs in on Luke Kuechly’s concussion and how fans reacted.

Fowler, one of Charlotte’s most well-respected sports writers, says, “I think people are wandering around (Friday) in a daze, wondering, ‘what should I think about this? The Panthers won, but Luke Kuechly got hurt.’ And, for a lot of people, Kuechly is their favorite player.”

Fowler says, “So often, the guys have helmets on and you think them as gladiators, and Luke Kuechly last night did not look like a gladiator when he rolled off on the cart like that. He looked like a scared young man.”

While some wonder if Kuechly will play again, Fowler wonders this: “Will Luke Kuechly ever play again? I certainly think he will. But will he play again this season? I think that’s the real question.”

Kuechly is now in the league’s concussion protocol following his injury from Thursday night’s game against the New Orleans Saints.