Luke Kuechly on Playing with Fear

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – For the first time since his high-profile concussion in November, Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly talked to the media. But first, he sat down for a one-on-one interview with WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty.

She asked him how he will prepare psychologically to play the game again, and whether he has to manage nerves or fear before he steps back onto the field. Kuechly replied, “No. You know, last year I didn’t have any nerves. This next time I play, there won’t be any nerves. So it’s one of those things, where, you get out there, play, you prepare for the game, once you get in the game, your instincts and your practice and preparation take over. I don’t think there’s any worry of fear or anything. That was seen last year. I came back and I was fine, and whenever the opportunity comes back this next time, I’ll be good to go.”

Fogarty also asked Kuechly to about Thomas Davis, Kelly Davis, the media and the retirement. Click on the video above to see his replies.