Update: Butler Football Coach Has Charges Dropped, Is Reinstated

Court Documents Describe Moments Before Arrest

UPDATE:  The case against Butler head football coach Brian Hales has been dismissed.

The District Attorney’s Office released the following statement: “This case was scheduled for trial on Jan. 6. Leading up to the trial date, multiple attempts were made to contact the victim. The victim did not appear on the trial date, and without the victim’s testimony, the State did not have sufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result, the State dismissed the charge.”

Hales was originally charged with Assault on a Female resulting from a November 8th, 2016, incident involving his fiancée.
Hales has been reinstated as head football coach and as a health instructor.


UPDATE: According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Brain Hales has been suspended with pay effective Tuesday, November 8th.

He is currently employed as a Health Teacher, as well as head football coach for the Butler High School varsity football team.


MATTHEWS, NC — Court documents reveal what police say happened before they arrested a David W. Butler High School football coach Saturday night.

Brian Hales is charged with assault on a female.

He’s out of jail on bond, and a judge ordered him to stay away from the woman Monday.

Court documents describe an evening of fighting between the championship winning head football coach and his fiancée.

“It’s innocent until proven guilty, and when you’re school-age, you’re always going to be finding a reason to say, ‘Well, coach did it.’,” said Gene Lazo.

Lazo says his son used to play under Hales at Butler.

The weekend arrest is raising eye brows for him and other parents who say the coach is a mentor for the young players.

“With the kids, and him being the coach, yes. It is concerning,” said Tammy Konarik.

Court documents include details from officers who questioned both Hales and his fiancée. We aren’t releasing her name because she is a potential victim in a domestic violence case.

Officers say Hales told them he got frustrated and slammed his fist into a table or dresser.

However, he says she hit first.

Officers wrote that he told them, “…she pushed him in the face and ripped his shirt…”

Police say according to the fiancee, as she tried to leave, Hales pushed her into the wall. “…and started “tussling” with her on the floor.”

She told officers another failed attempt to leave ended when “The two of them fell on the floor and wrestled again.”

Police determined the coach was the primary aggressor and that the woman tried to leave on several occasions.

“He could lose what he’s worked really hard to build,” said Lazo.

The coach is in his sixth season at Butler High. This season, the boys are 10-1.

“He’s really helped some boys that he’s coached become respectable men,” said Lazo. “Maybe from this, they’ll learn if you make a mistake, you’re gonna pay for it.”

The school district didn’t return our calls and e-mails.

We asked if Hales is on paid leave and if he’s still coaching.