Waiting Child: Michael

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- In today’s waiting child segment, we introduce you to a sweet and loving 10-year old who loves to make others laugh.

Meet Michael. He gets good grades in school and enjoys science class. However, he can’t quite make up his mind as he rattles off a long list of careers he wants to work when he gets older,

“Can I tell you what I want to be when I grow up, either police officer a marine, a sergeant, a doctor, or a traffic stop people, or a power line person who fixes power lines.”

Michael has a funny sense of humor. When I ask him about his future forever family, check out what he says, he’s reaching for the stars, “I want them to be living in a mansion and it’s going to be awesome.

Consider adoption, you have the choice to change Michael’s life forever. For more information click the link here https://www.chsnc.org/