Charlotte’s Steph Curry Honored at Charlotte Christian & Davidson College

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte’s own Steph Curry returned to the Queen City Tuesday night. The NBA superstar got two big honors from his college and high school alma maters.

Charlotte Christian retired his high school jersey and Davidson College named it’s student section after the Golden State Warriors NBA MVP.

“To have my jersey retired, to be able to celebrate all that means it’s definitely special,” Curry says.

Steph’s high school coach Shonn Brown says many didn’t realize Curry would grow up to be what many sports analysts consider the NBA’s greatest shooter ever.

“You know, who would have thought, who would have thought? And that’s one of the reasons it’s just an unbelievable story,” Brown says.

Ccurry’s former teachers remember Steph as the same humble person he’s known as today.

“When I see Steph now getting the acolades and performing and giving God the glory, I look back and I say that’s the same kid that we taught. He was such a gentleman,” says Steph’s former teacher Eva Crawford.

“We are here celebrating a jersey retirement on the wall and all that but when it comes to the full package of life, I learned a lot here that made me.. kinda who I am,” Curry says.

You can see Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors play the Charlotte Hornets Wednesday night at the Spectum Center.