Mayor Roberts State of The City Calls to Repeal HB2

CHARLOTTE, NC– “We want to remove the cloud hanging over our state,” said Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts delivered her State of the City address in front of Seniors at her alma mater, East Meck High School. She used the stage to reinforce to the General Assembly the need to repeal HB2.

“Major decisions are being made for the next five years for different groups who will be planning conventions and tournaments here we know NCAA is one of those,” said Roberts.

Roberts says the list goes on.

“The NBA All star game which is scheduled to come in 2019 but the commissioner has told us that unless there is change they will not be able to come in 2019 either,” said Roberts.

“Businesses feed on businesses,” said Charlotte Business Owners Founder, Rod Potter.

Charlotte Business Owners founder Rod Potter says the small business community felt the trickle down effect of Charlotte losing big events in 2016.

“They need to hire small business, hire medium size business to do what they need to do to get their events done,” said Potter.

Democratic State Senator Jeff Jackson filed a bill February first to repeal HB2. He says there hasn’t been any action on it yet, but there will be very soon.

“The ACC has given us about eight weeks to decide whether or not our state is going to be eligible to host tournament games anytime within the rest of this decade,” said Jackson.

Mayor Roberts says she hopes state lawmakers hear her.

“You need to let your cities be cities, let Charlotte be Charlotte, we’re diverse we’re inclusive, we’re creative and we have needs that are different from other areas,” said Roberts.