Immigration Judge Denies Bond For Charlotte Teen

CHARLOTTE, NC– “That was the most painful thing that I will ever have to experience,” said friend, Anna.

Northwest School of the Arts seniors Anna and Devin traveled to Georgia Friday so they could be there for their friend Gus Zamudio’s deportation bond hearing. It’s the first time they’ve seen the 18-year-old since his arrest February 25th.

“We were advised we can’t communicate with him we can’t touch him we can’t hug him, talk to him so it was extremely hard for me not to break down right there,” said friend, Devyn Bauer.

“He turned around and he was crying and he looked at us like we were leaving him forever,” said Anna.

The girls made the six-hour drive to show support.

“We’re drained, we’re traumatized,” said community activist, Braxton Winston.

Community activist Braxton Winston stepped up to help.

“These young ladies are heroes, in my opinion, they have a civic virtue to do what others will not,” said Braxton.

The hearing lasted five minutes before the judge denied bond. they brought character letters but never got to share them.

“We brought them and we were like can we give these to you and he said I think I understand the case I think I understand what’s going on but we don’t agree with that,” said Anna.

“He said to us this is just a bond hearing, it’s not just a bond hearing, that bond hearing is determining the outcome of the rest of his life,” said Devyn.

The group isn’t giving up and say they’ll make the trip again for his appeal.

“We’ve come this far and we’re not going to give up we want him back, we will get him back, we believe he is a good person and he deserves to be here,” said Anna.