York Tech Will Close Due To Planned NAACP Protest

UPDATE: York Technical College just announced that they will be closed Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 18th.  Only authorized personnel will be permitted on campus those days.

The Chester Center, Indian Land Center and online classes are on a normal operating schedule.  The college will resume normal operations on Monday, March 20th.

This is in response to a planned NAACP protest.

ROCK HILL, SC– “We could not remain silent when we learned that the Sons of Confederate veterans were coming to York Technical college,” said Dr. Jacques Days with Rock Hill NAACP.

York County NAACP groups say they aren’t challenging the Sons of Confederate Veterans First Amendment right to meet, they are protesting where.

“What we do challenge is the place you’re speaking your freedom with the confederate flags which is a state-supported school, York Tech and also it’s an institution of higher learning that influences young minds,” said Steve Lowe with Western York County NAACP.

Dr. Jacques Days with the Rock Hill NAACP says they tried to persuade York Tech not to allow the convention but the talks weren’t successful.

“We did agree that, if we couldn’t agree on anything else that the confederate flag should not be flown in any regard on York Tech’s campus,” said Dr. Days.

While the Sons of Confederate veterans are inside the Hood center NAACP says they will be here outside along Highway 21 so their message is also heard.

“We’re basically going to be picketing and sharing our message our message of unity, our message of peace combating their message of hatred and racism,” said Rock Hill NAACP President, Dorene Bouler.

Starting Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m and then Saturday at 10 a.m, there will be songs, speakers and crowds with signs.

“This is a peaceful very peaceful protest,” said Lowe.

“The stance of the state has been the flag does not represent who we are as a state today and so the flag was taken off the state house grounds,” said Dr. Days.