One year later, HB2 Still Having Impact in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC– “I’m really disappointed we’re still having to talk about this, I think North Carolinians are disappointed we’re still having to talk about this and there’s no resolution,” said Matt Hirschy with Equality NC.

That’s not for a lack of trying. Five repeal bills filed so far this year.The latest from Senator Joel ford on Monday. None have made it to a vote.

“I’m excited anytime a bill comes through that is a full repeal of House Bill 2 because we’ve heard multiple times that’s the only thing that’s going to be acceptable to the sports leagues and indeed to our community,” said Hirschy.

NBA All-Star Game, ACC Championships, NCAA… all pulled games from the Queen City because of the law. Jobs are also at stake. Paypal is one example of businesses that went somewhere else, again because of the law. Something Chamber of Commerce President Bob Morgan has had to deal with.

“We can attribute about 2500 jobs that have been lost directly, what we don’t know is what we don’t know, how many people have taken us off their list,” said Morgan.

Morgan says the city still gained jobs and had economic growth despite the losses in 2016,  but says legislators need to find a solution fast.

“Companies are not attracted to noise like this and so that’s been a challenge and even for the companies we’re continuing to work with this is too much a part of the conversation,” said Morgan.

Matt Hirschy with Equality NC says business and sports aside, don’t forget the people behind the bill.

“The community has seen the brunt of that impact because what you have is an enormous economic loss but we have to remember the impact this has had on LGBT people here in North Carolina,” said Hirschy.