Parks Honor The Memory Of Officers Sean Clark And Jeff Shelton

CHARLOTTE, NC — Many who come to the park call it a hidden gem off of Highway 73, but when you enter it’s very clear who it’s dedicated to.

It’s a place where Clark’s widow Sherry says they liked to bring their sons, and for years now other families have been able to enjoy it as well.

Nestled in by the landing, spread over a quarter acre, you’ll find the memory of Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton written in stone. Money raised and volunteer labor made two parks a reality.

The first to open in 2007 is here in Locust… the Officer Jeff Shelton Memorial Park.

Next, in Huntersville, as you walk the paths there are reminders, like a personalized brick path leading up to a plaque, that honors both Clark and Shelton.

Park visitors say it’s a peaceful haven to honor the two fallen officers.

Huntersville resident, Ashley McMillan says, “It’s a good reminder when you see that this is where this came from, and they just updated it too last year, or two years ago I think, so it’s really nice to have remembrance of something.”

“I feel like that’s really special, and they made it really beautiful, and i feel the upkeep is really nice. It’s really peaceful here,” says Ashley Kabakaba of Charlotte.

Though the sign says Officer Sean Clark, both this one and the park in Locust honoring Officer Jeff Shelton are in memory of the two officers.