Union County, SC Man Killed After Mobile Home Flips During Monday’s Storm

WHITMIRE, SC — Neighbors dug through debris after first responders pulled Jason Mathews’ body from his trailer, which flipped on it’s roof.

“There’s no good down there right now,” said Whitmire, SC resident Charles Holbert. “It’s just real sad.”

Matthews, 66, was the only death reported in Monday’s storm that tore through the neighborhood inside Sumter National Forest.

“You can see where the tops of trees are just ripped off.”

Winds cut through power poles, and folded tin roofs. Metal flew into trees, and across the highway.”

“I threw my basement door open, ran down, closed the basement,” Holbert recalled.

The National Weather Service says early reports show wind in some areas reached 60 miles an hour.

“I could hear the windows on my house vibrating.”

Trees still lay on homes. Crews repaired power lines throughout the evening.

“It was intense… just a crazy crazy scene.”