Christ the King student arrested for Cyberstalking fellow student

CHARLOTTE, NC– “Very serious and the family is taking it serious as well,” said Kannapolis Detective, Lemar Harper.

These racially charged Instagram messages shocked the mother of a black student at Christ The King Catholic High School in Huntersville. We blurred her teenage son’s face and that of another student involved.

“Pretty graphic photos containing racial information, one picture had AK 47 pointed at photo shopped head of the victim,” said Harper.

The messages show a student’s face photo shopped with a KKK hood, a swastika and AK 47 pointing at the victim’s photo shopped picture.  The victim’s parents called police and filed a restraining order against 18-year-old Rigoberto Salazar. According to court documents,  the victim’s mother told police:
“We consider him a threat to our son which could lead to a threat to others.”

Court documents show the cyber threats started in February. In March, the suspect is accused of sending a video to the victim’s cell phone where he makes a racial slur. Then in April, text messages expressing hatred toward black people.  Detective Lemar Harper with Kannapolis police investigated the claims and arrested Salazar for Cyber Stalking.

“Anytime you have racial crime involving some hate crime possibly when you use any racial slurs these are taken very seriously in the court system,” said Harper.

The victim’s mother had his cell phone synched up to hers which is how she spotted the messages.

“Who’s paying for the phone you are and it’s important your child is safe you want to make sure your child is safe by any means possible so linking the phone had the mom not done that she might have never known this was going on,” said Harper.