Faulty Wiring In New Waxhaw Neighborhood Homes Spark Fire Concerns

WAXHAW, NC — “It is disturbing because it’s a health and safety issue, and it’s a new house.”

Daniel Brown, a Lawson homeowner, just closed on his home in Waxhaw’s Lawson neighborhood in January. He has two small kids, so when he heard some neighbors had electrical wiring issues and local electrician Dan Peters was offering free inspections, he took him up on it.

Daniel says, “After he inspected a lot of the light fixtures and behind the oven it was pretty obvious there was numerous code violations here at this brand new house.”

Peters has family in the neighborhood. He says he noticed problems while changing light fixtures and doing small wiring jobs.

Peters says, “I go to change them and i can’t because its wrong type of boxes meant for switches and outlets not for light fixtures.”

Then he found more serious issues.

“Outlets wired the wrong way they can cause a house fire the wires become loose and stop working,” says Peters.

We reached out to McDonald Electrics who did all the wiring for Lennar Homes. They say they only recently learned about the issues.

Jack Meade, McDonald Electrics, says “McDonald Electric is definitely going to take whatever necessary steps to give the homeowner what they’ve already paid for.”

Peters says he hopes they do pay to fix the homes.

“They probably saved anywhere from 200-300 dollars of material per house using the cheap methods,” says Peters, “so if it was a thousand homes do the math it adds up fast.”