Thieves hit two car dealerships in Union County stealing tires, radios

UNION CO., NC– “The most traveled road in Union County so this took some guts and backbone to do this,” said Capt. Cody Luke with Union County Sheriff’s Department.

Smashed windows and stolen tires. Workers at Metro Honda right off Independence Boulevard counted around 30 new cars with busted windows and many of them propped up and tires stolen. The Union County Sheriff’s Office says they’re dealing with pros.

“They knew what they were doing, they knew they had to get a specific tool from inside the vehicle to be able to jack the cars up and get the wheels off,” said Capt. Luke.

Across the street on Independence a second dealership a smaller Car Collection also hit, investigators say they can’t confirm the two are connected but would find it hard to believe they are not.

Barry Godfrey was dropping his wife at work at car connection and saw the glass on the ground and noticed missing car radios.

“Done a lot of damage here and it’s kinda depressing,” said Barry Godfrey.

Unlike Metro Honda, they had surveillance cameras which caught two men walking with hoodies on, bandanas and gloves. Investigators say they believe the same men hit both places and hope someone can help them identify the thieves.

“If they come across Honda tires and wheels that are for good price or good deal that’s too good to be true, call 9-1-1 to have them verified before they go and purchase them,” said Capt. Luke.

“We work hard for our money and it’s a shame but I believe in karma it’ll come back to them,” said Godfrey.