CMPD: Mom Caught On Camera Trying to Smother Baby

CHARLOTTE, NC — CMPD is investigating disturbing accusations of child abuse at Levine Children’s Hospital.

Hospital staff told police they caught a mother on camera trying to suffocate her baby.

Maggie Dixon faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and felony child abuse inflicting serious injury.

“It’s tragic to thnk that any parent might try to harm their child,” said Janet Harmon with Pat’s Place.

It’s a type of child abuse advocates that the child center don’t hear happening often in Mecklenburg County.

Police did not say why the one-year-old was in the hospital to begin with.

Officers say hospital staff knew something was wrong when the baby showed fluctuations in breathing pattern and abnormal vital signs.

Then, staff says surveillance cameras showed Dixon trying to smother the baby.

According to a court document, Dixon lives in his home on X Way Rd. in Laurinburg. Neighbors who knew her wouldn’t go on camera but tell WCCB

Charlotte they were stunned by the accusations.

Neighbors say they saw the mother outside playing with the baby sometimes.

Family did answer the door Monday to comment.

Dixon surrendered to police and spoke to detectives when hospital staff pulled her from the room.

“If we know families and we’re concerned about a situation, it’s so important to call law enforcement or call department of social services,” said Harmon. “Don’t think of it as reporting someone, but that we are really reaching out so that somebody can check on the well-being of the child, assess the situation, offer some support to the family to prevent something like this from happening.”

Dixon has her first appearance in court Tuesday.

Police say the child is at the hospital with other family members.