Suspect Accused of Holding Charlotte Teen Captive Faces Judge

CHARLOTTE, NC – The man accused of holding a Charlotte teen captive for more than a year faced a judge in Georgia Monday.

31-year-old Michael Wysolovski was given a court-appointed attorney and did not receive a bond.

Wysolovski and 17-year-old Hailey Burns were found over the weekend inside a suburban home outside Atlanta.

“It makes me feel sick, honestly that there’s people out there like that,” says neighbor Jennifer Elmore.

Burns had been missing since May 2016.

Neighbors say they had no idea.

Family says the teen has Asperger’s and other special needs, so they think Wysolovski met her online and convinced her to leave home.

“The blinds would always be closed, night and day. And I did see a younger female with him but, you know, didn’t think anything of it at all,” Elmore explains.

Meanwhile, it was a happier sight outside Burns’ home in Ballantyne.

The community welcomed the teen home with balloons.

Yellow ribbons are still tied to neighbors’ mailboxes since they were placed there last year.

“There is no crime that’s a higher priority for us than finding children who have been victimized,” explains FBI Supervising Special Agent Jason Kaplan.

Kaplan says similar cases haven’t always had a happy ending.

“I think, whenever we have a positive outcome like this one, it re-energizes us,” Kaplan says.

Burns’ mom tells WCCB Charlotte the break in the case came when Wysolovski and her daughter recently moved.

Hailey was able to get a Wi-Fi connection from a nearby Starbucks.

A woman she was chatting with in Romania reached out to the family and FBI Agents found Burns at the Georgia home over the weekend.

Wysolovski is facing multiple charges including Aggravated Sodomy, Cruelty to Children, and False Imprisonment.