CMPD Says Accused Serial Rapist Is Now In Custody In South Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC — “This kind of case is really about the most heinous kind of thing we investigate,” said CMPD Violent Crimes Lt. Melanie Peacock.

Which is why CMPD Violent Crimes Lt. Melanie Peacock says it’s a huge relief to have suspected serial rapist 30-year old Lance Elam behind bars in Bluffton, South Carolina after a nearly year long investigation. Elam is charged with two sexual assaults in charlotte last year. The first one in January on Clemson Street in the Villa Heights neighborhood.

“A victim woke up in the middle of the night to a stranger inside her house he had broken in sexually assaulted her at gunpoint, was masked up, gloved up and fled the scene,” said Lt. Peacock.

The second one happened in August on Runaway Bay Drive in East Charlotte.

“These were complete strangers to these victims that had broken into their apartments in the middle of the night while they were sleeping,” said Lt Peacock.

During the investigation detectives say the DNA matched the suspect in an unsolved burglary in Midland Texas, but that still wasn’t enough to arrest him.

“We really exhausted every link we could do to try and find the suspect to be able to get a DNA sample to see if he’s our suspect because we did not have probable cause to charge him,” said Peacock.

Then on April 28th, CMPD got the break it needed after Elam was arrested for another sexual assault, this one in Bluffton, South Carolina.

“Once his DNA sample was entered into COTUS it positively matched our two cases as well as the Texas case,” said Peacock.

Elam is facing a total of 13 charges ranging from Burglary to Sexual Assault.
He is being held in Bluffton, South Carolina, right now there is no time line for when he’ll be brought back to Mecklenburg County.